Spicy Tahong or Mussel in Coconut milk

Spicy Tahong or Mussel in Coconut milk

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Do you like seafood? Have you ever cooked mussel? We call it tahong in my home country and there are many different ways how to cook it but I choose the spicy version. After all, I came from a region in my home country where people loves spicy foods and mostly uses coconut cream or milk.

This times recipe is spicy tahong or mussel in coconut milk. I haven’t been really touching the kitchen this week for many days because it is our winter holiday. We mostly buy ready food, take out or we eat somewhere with the family when we are travelling.

Unfortunately, during our travel, I had a little accident that limits my activities so when we arrived home and feel bored, I started having the food imaginations in my head. I try to comfort myself with food, who doesn´t anyway? 🙂

Sea foods is one of my favorite food growing up. I remember going with my mom early in the morning to go to the wet market for fresh seafoods when I was young. Yes, we live near the coast and have the abundancy of fish and other sea foods.

I remember too, when its season for specific fish or other seafoods, the prices are so low that we can have few kilos and almost cost nothing. That is one thing I miss a lot living here in Finland. It is not easy to find the food I want or if there is at some point, it is very expensive or mostly its frozen or canned already.

How did I think of cooking spicy tahong or mussel?

My sister actually who works in Manila, posted in her Facebook a picture of spicy mussel. Even though she lives there, it is not the same as living in our hometown. My mom is also very good in cooking so for us, nothing beats her home cooked food which is why my sister tagged her on her post.

I started to think, I also never been eating those for like, many many years. If there is mussel in the fresh sea foods section here, it is very rare but I found it frozen.

I thought first, I will make a spicy adobong tahong (marinated with vinegar and soy sauce) but I decided I will make it with the coconut milk. It has been a while when I last time cook anything with coconut milk so, why not?

I have the frozen mussel ready. No need to boil first and separate the shell, so it makes it easier for me to cook.

What else do I need then? Chili of course as I want it spicy, coconut milk, garlic and optional I used the leek. You can use anything greens of your choice or you can totally not include any.

Below is the recipe of the spicy tahong or mussel.


  • 200 g mussels (I used frozen without the shells)
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 4 red chilis
  • black pepper
  • 200ml coconut milk
  • leek as optional
  • oil


  • 1. Slice the garlic, I don’t like it chopped so small so only sliced
  • 2. Slice the red chilis
  • 3. Put oil in a frying pan
  • 4. Add the garlic until brown
  • 5. Add chilis and until it becomes soft
  • 6. Next to add the mussels and stir
  • 7. Put the soy sauce and add the coconut milk
  • 8. Let it boil and stir in between until the coconut milk become a creamy texture
  • 9. Add black pepper
  • 10. Add your greens
  • 11. Serve hot with the rice

My daughter hasn’t tasted mussel before, this is something exotic for them. Even it is spicy, she also tried it. Only half of the family member ate it because the little ones, I am still careful of what seafoods I can give and of course this is spicy, they can´t really eat it yet.

Do you want to try something different seafoods recipe? Do you consider this spicy tahong or mussel as one, then try to make it and tell me how it goes. Don´t forget to comment below if you have tried the recipe 🙂

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