Pyhävuori Hiking trail in Finland

Pyhävuori Hiking trail in Finland

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Pyhävuori hiking trail is the best in Southern Ostrobothnia Finland that we discovered yesterday. Looking for a hiking trail during this summer is one of our family goals as we love being in nature.

Pyhävuori hiking trail in Finland, our newfound secret outdoor place in Southern Ostrobothnia. Now that this pandemic is not yet over, almost everything is reopening again and people start to be back in normal life. We continue to explore Finlands beauty by wandering in the forest and nature scenes. We do not have to travel far, this is just in the same region where we live.

Kids enjoy much being outdoor, for a couple of months now, I have been doing remote working and daycare kids are home too. After a long day, we want to have fresh air by going somewhere. We had been in different places, different forest and this is the true gem of this region, Pyhävuori.

Pyhävuori in direct English translation can be pyhä=sacred/holy vuori=mountain. Once you visit the place, you will see the stunning beauty of its nature.

I will admit, we´ve been living in this region for many years, and we just came here this year. I didn’t know the place before. It is also challenging to find the exact location but a proper map/google maps checking, we got the correct direction. You may know that there is no street address in this kind of places.

We went there spontaneously, pack my backpack of water and off we go. What else is best to do after sitting in front of computer inside the house, when outside is 25 degrees and all the members of the family are outdoor except me. I know, I sometimes works in the terrace but it was too hot to have the computer outside this time so I stayed indoor.

How to go to Pyhävuori hiking trail?

If you are coming from Lapua road 16, in Alajärvi there will be a sign to the left to turn to road 7421 (Pyhälähdentie) and continue for about 6.5 km. There is a small sign Pyhävuori in the left side after that where you have to turn. Welcome to the Finnish forest! 🙂 It is a small road where only one car can fit, so you have to be prepared to know what to do once there is coming car too. Continue driving for about 1.4 km and another sign will be there to turn to right. About 1 km, you will arrive to a parking place.

Arriving in Pyhävuori

There are three different trails where you can select. As we have the little boys with us, we didn’t really plan to walk through the longest 8 km but we just walk as far as the kids can enjoy.


In the Pyhäjärvi, the first thing you will see is the fireguard tower ( palovartijan torni ) which is this time forbidden to use and stairs are removed.

Cave and Rocks

There are so many big rocks and there is a cave in the mountain that said to have been a house to one Finnish hermit (erakko). They said that some of the arts done on the cave have been damaged by the fire that is why it is totally forbidden to make a fire in the woods in this area. There are a lot of signs about this prohibition in there to remind people.

Pyhävuori tower and cave
tower and cave in Pyhävuori

The hiking trails with stairs

The rocks are pretty high and big and there will be difficulties to go around easily without the use of the wooden stairs. It makes it safer for everyone and a great help for family hikers like us.

Pyhävuori wooden trail
some wooden trails

Stunning Lappajärvi Lake View

The view in the mountain is so stunning and feels like we are not at all in Southern Ostrobothnia. It feels like almost in Karelia or Lapland area. The photo is used as the featured image if this blog post.

The majestic view of the lake Lappajärvi is truly amazing. I had been around Lappajärvi, Alajärvi and Vimpeli but I never knew that there is this place in between where you can see the lake this beautiful.

Lappajärvi lake is a meteor crater lake in Finland of about 23 km wide.


As we walk around the mountain, we saw a lot of blueberries waiting to be ready. There are lingonberries too but not showing any berries yet.

I love Finland’s nature forest where you can have the possibility to explore, have a free berries to eat during summer time, a peaceful environment and a stunning view on the top of that.

Pyhävuori nature
Pyhävuori nature

Pyhävuori the best hiking trail in Southern Ostrobothnia Finland (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) is a must to visit, especially if you are nearby. We will surely come back here next time for a bit longer period of time and use the other route too.

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