Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

GDPR Compliance

In this page is explained how Simply Finnoy Mom use your data and how we will protect it.

What personal information do we collect?

This website aim to deliver great information to our reader,  we only collect data that are necessary for us to keep good quality content of the website.

When do we collect information?

When you visit or click any of our pages, we get your data.

We ask for your email and your name when commenting or subscribing to our newsletter.

How do we use your data?

We use your data to analyze and personalize your experience.  We use your data to ensure that our website is protected from hackers and spammer. We collect your data to analyze for future campaigns and analyze the websites performance and use your data to keep up with the user demands to make sure you get the best quality experience.

How do we protect your information?

We will never ask for any further personal identification nor ask for your credit card or any extractions. Only I, Mercy, the owner of Simply Finnoy Mom have access to your data behind.

Third-Party Use of Your Data

Google Analytics – it tracks website usage and provides us with data which we can analyze to ensure user experience. Other than that, Google Analytics may collect your IP addresses but no other further information will be extracted from you.

Mailerlite  – the email service we use and the one that stores the names and emails you have submitted through newsletter sign-ups. We use this email service to send you updates in the newsletter.

What are your rights in order to protect your data?

Simply Finnoy Mom follows the new GDPR compliance regulation. The latest rule implicated to anyone who runs a website that takes data from its visitors, especially those who are residing within EU, are given the task to inform all of you that you have the following rights:

  • You have the rights to be informed how your data is being collected and used
  • That the data collector has access to the data about you
  • You have all the rights to ask the webmaster to change the data about you
  • You have all the rights to ask the webmaster to delete the data collected from you
  • You have all the rights to exclude yourself to remove you from whatever subscription from us (i.e, newsletter)
  • You have the rights to ask us to remove any comments you made on this website (please email us)

I do not use and will not intend to use  your private data for anything else  but to improve user experience.


All information written in this mom-lifestyle website is open to the public and anyone can have access to the information published on this website, if there are some policy you do not agree with, please cease the use of the site immediately.

Anything written on this website is my own opinion and does not intend to hurt anyone or any company. Any information you read from this website is accountable for your own risk. I will not be accountable, responsible nor will be held of any damage this site might or will cause you because the information stated are my opinion, experience and not forcing anyone to do or follow. Do research or contact me, if there is something unclear or you do not understand.

If ever there are some photos or links or anything offensive, anything inappropriate content appears in this site, I am not responsible for that and will not be held responsible. I may have links that lead to other locations for your own benefit and is supposed to be second party information.

I am not in control of anything that might or will happen if there will be problem occur by using other sites links listed in these websites. I will not be held accountable for the utilization of these links to whatever it may contain.

I will however do my best to keep YOU, the reader satisfied with the content of the information published in this site.

Use of Stock Images

Most of the photos used in this website is owned by Simply Finnoy Mom. We also use Canva for some of the photos which are copyright free. If you think I used you images, you can be hundred percent sure I have taken it from Canva. We are more than glad to take this on professional way, please let us know and contact by email and we will redirect you where we got your image.

Advertisement and Affiliate Links

Simply Finnoy Mom use affiliate links. You can make sure that I mark all the collaboration or affiliate post. Purchase made through these links means I am getting a small commission from the products that I recommend without any extra cost on you.

This website may also accept sponsored post.

Children´s Online Privacy Information

Simply Finnoy Mom does not market to children under 16 years old, therefore, we unknowingly collect data from an underage individual. If you’re a parent of a child whom you think we have collected data from, please make sure to contact us and we will remove any data collected from any children without parental consent.


This website uses cookies to notify you that we are tracking your visit that will be stored as data for the analytics; we can use it to make sure you will have the best experience. This Analytic is also used to analyze the behaviour of the website for its overall performance. However, if you prefer to disable cookies on your site, you can disable that from your own browser.

Copyright Policy

All articles and pictures in this post are owned by me, use of it without my consent is not allowed. All information written is based on my own experience, if you find false info kindly contact me directly. If you want to use or share some of the article from my site, please make sure to inform and contact me.

If there happened to be some of your article appeared on this site without any credit leading back to you please do contact me immediately.

Privacy Statement

Any shared information to this site or personally to me (from email, personal messages and from blog comments) is kept private. I will not send it forward to other companies. There are however third-party application like Google Analytics that collects usage data. Google Analytics analyze and collects the visitors behaviour on this site anonymously.  As mentioned it is anonymously, no personal information is collected except the informations of the IP address (how long you stayed, from which country you are browsing), these I can check also and use the result to improve the site for your future visits.

Reserve Rights

This website focus on mom´s lifestyle and family travel, I also write about food we make. I have the rights to change the terms of this site.