POSITIVE while celebrating New Year 2022

POSITIVE while celebrating New Year 2022

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We are all tested positive, despite all the precautions, it still happen just before the year-end 2021 celebration. Not only one member but the whole family are infected and got the virus. 

I never imagined that this day would come that I would write about us being positive in my blog, but here I am. What exactly happened? Why did we get it? What symptoms did we get during this time? Please be reminded that this post is based on our experience only.

What precautions we did, before this?

People who know me and have seen me know how careful I had been the whole time since this pandemic started. We tried all the possible precautions to prevent the virus from infecting us, but it didn’t spear us. 


Do I have the vaccine? Though there are people who are questioning about the newly discovered vaccine, we took it. This is one reason probably why the symptom is just mild. 

Social distancing

We tried to avoid public places as much as possible and our favourite place is exploring nature and being in the forest. If we travel, it is not In malls in cities but we go to places like hiking places as Finland has a very beautiful and clean nature. We also tried to avoid the kids going to groceries as much as possible only we adults go.

Wearing masks

It has been a habit now for us to always wear masks wherever we go especially if it is indoors. I was even having a funny thought about how I feel so weird going in the bank during winter with the all-black knit cap, mask and gloves which looks so strange two years ago but is now a common sight. That’s just how it is.

Home office

This has been almost two years that I am an in-home office set up. I’ve been in the office during those times probably three times maximum. Also working place is very strict with the precautions for all the employees. 

All possible precautions including washing hands, even the youngest who is 3 years old are very much aware of this, taking vitamins, eating berries and healthy fruits but what went wrong? How did we still get it?

The school and daycare here have been very strict since the beginning of the pandemic in Finland that any kids who get any flu-like symptoms unless it surely is an allergy are better to stay at home. That is how we did it whenever kids get cold or have a slight cough, they stay at home. 

However, everything happened during the holiday time. Finally, we were able to relax and enjoy the Christmas which we did. We have a relative that visited us during this holiday. She, like us, is also very careful about all these precautions. She is also fully vaccinated. Then she got some symptoms during her time with us and right away she used masks all the time here at home. We thought it was just simple flu since it’s winter.

Then I get it the next day. I thought it was just flu, I even had a remote interview during one day and behind the scene, I had with me a cup of tea as my throat was starting to be itchy. Luckily it was a short interview and I didn’t have to cough during those times. However, everything change in a few hours. Right after the interview, I took a mask to prevent the rest of the kids to be infected by this coughing. 

What are the symptoms?

As I mentioned I started to get a dry cough and it was a really weird cough. I started to feel same day also very cold but sweating same time. Weird right? Never though thought it was something special. However, after a few days, I lost my voice. I had a terrible headache which makes me bedridden. Moving makes me dizzy, coughing becomes too painful for my head, legs are so weak to stand on my own. A positive sign is, I never had a fever which I am happy about.

I somehow felt that since I had never been in a corona test before, I want to try it. Of course, I know that this time in this country is also very busy because of this pandemic, so I decided not to call yet. I followed the instructions of checking the symptom assessment in Finnish which is the omaolo. This is a page that asks if the person who wants to use this wants to send the result to the local health care or is it just for trying it. I, of course just put it as for trying so the result doesn’t need to be sent to our health care.

Being tested

However, the result showed that I have the symptoms that may be from the virus, though I am vaccinated, I should contact the health centre on the same day. Alright, I decided to call them. I get the time for the next day to have the appointment for the test. We did the test in the drive-in, so I was just in the car. My kids had been having flu during these two years and for making sure that it is not the corona, they had been before in the test and one of them said it was very inconvenient. As a parent being with them during the tests before, I had seen their inconvenience but I had no idea how it felt exactly.

So that was my first time, I understand now how it felt after I did it, but it was only for a very short time. The test went very quickly. Officially I am in home quarantine and I can’t go anywhere. I stayed home, and I can’t join to be in another city which I was supposed to go to with the whole family. While waiting for the result, I was trying to convince myself it’s just flu and even it’s just flu I keep my mask and the proper hygiene in place.

The result of the test is out

Then I was so impatient to get the result. They said I will get a text message if it’s negative and a phone call if positive. I couldn’t wait so I went straight to omakanta (where are all info regarding our health are there in the system). The result was just very new. It was POSITIVE! Then I received a text message too even they said it is only for negative but I got the positive text message, I got also a phone call. I was SHOCKED!

My first reaction was, how are the rest of the family? They had been in direct contact with me. Though I wear a mask the whole time, we are in the same house. They are in direct contact with me. So the whole family were advised to go for the test, as well as my relative who visited us. They are all quarantined after that. 

Celebrating New Year

Since the time when this whole pandemic happened, we’ve been not very often visiting our relatives anymore but one celebration that we thought will happen that we celebrate together is New years eve.

Unfortunately, we had to celebrate it remotely, via video call only because we had to be isolated. The rest of the family were tested Positive except our youngest. Because of that, he needed to have another test again. Since he is the one who always moves to our bed at the night and always in our room.

Yes, he is also positive and we all officially got infected by coronavirus as a whole family, unfortunately. It wasn’t long when this omicron was found in Finland and here we are, having it.

What are the symptoms of the rest of the family?

Knowing that our kids are so small and not vaccinated at all, I am very worried. It is good that they have only mild symptoms and the youngest even didn’t have the cold symptom last only couple of days. My husband lost his taste but at this moment he said that it seems slowly coming back. So I cant just experiment with cooking as he will notice if food is not tasting good 🙂 Kidding aside, our quarantine is ending soon as the symptoms didn’t get worst and also most of them are almost back to normal.

It was me who gets the worst symptom so far due to the headache that took me to be bedridden and even now still weak legs, my voice is still not back to normal too. I don’t exactly know when I will get it back but the coughing is almost gone too.

I am happy that even we got this virus, we didn’t get any strong symptoms and not fever too. Isolation time wasn’t bad too.

Relatives and Friends are very important

It was a surprise for our family and friends when we were informed that we have the virus. Even happens during this holiday when the shops and other services are having a special time.

We tried to have the online shopping with the home delivery but didn’t work. Since the service in our area will resume after New year. Basically, we don’t have much food stored for many days during our quarantine time.

I am indescribably grateful for our few friends who offered their helping hands. Also helped us buy our groceries especially, to one of my Filipina friends. Also, my relatives travelled many tens of kilometres to surprise us with food and gifts for kids. Though we cant open the door for them and only give the delivery in front of the house. The support and love shown to us will be forever remembered.

Though this is a very unforgettable beginning of this year 2022 for us, I hope that the rest of the year will be great and will manage to be healthy. I am still grateful that we had only mild symptoms. I can’t imagine if I didn’t go for a test and didn’t find out I am positive, because I thought it was just flu. Probably we visited relatives and we spread it. It was good that the moment I got the symptom I stayed home and quarantined myself even before the test was done to me.

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  1. Jhing

    I pray for your fast recovery and for your kids and fam.

    1. simplyfinnoymom

      Thank you!

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