List of Funny Facts Being Pregnant

List of Funny Facts Being Pregnant

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It is soon again Mothers Day celebration and I think I will post about list of funny facts being pregnant. These facts that I never knew I will experience.

I remember so clearly when I am pregnant for the first time. It´s the happiest time of my life. I & my husband couldn’t believe it really is happening. We tried for a year to be pregnant after we got married but it didn’t happen until that day. We lived in the city, an apartment on the 9th floor and down there, a minute walk is a pharmacy. After having the pregnancy test positive, we were jumping of joy and happiness. I remember my husband running for a second pregnancy test to check again if it was for real and it was! 

The moment I held on my arms my first born 10 years ago, I knew I am the happiest mom on earth. At the same time, I knew I want to give her all she needs and will protect her in every way I can. My life changed! I no longer think of myself only but my priority is my baby and my family.

Being pregnant is the most amazing thing happen in my life and motherhood suits me well. Even though motherhood is the most challenging and demanding role in the world. I can’t imagine life without my four beautiful and lovely children in my life. My family is the greatest gift I got. Though, had you wonder what actually is happening when woman are pregnant? Its a combination of fun and adjustment, so many happenings in just 38-40 weeks. 

I have here a list of my experience during pregnancy and tell me if you can relate or experience the same?

Everything and everyone smell so strong

This is funny actually, its like the transformation of being a human being to a bear. Why bear? Because a bear has the strongest sense of smell and like I can smell everything that no one does. I love rice but when I was in my 1st trimester, I hate to smell freshly cooked rice. It was so awful and I can smell it in our jackets and everywhere if we cooked it at home. I can also complain (or my nose does) if someone smells inappropriate for me. Sorry, but that how it goes, can’t control it.

Can I actually have my pop-up toilet for peeing

During pregnancy with my girls, this is the first signs I noticed before I bought a pregnancy test. I run to pee like 100 times a day (at least feels like that). How about at night when I am in nice sleep and had to just get up and go. Not very convenient at all.

Constant feeling like there´s a lullaby when its quiet

I remember being at work at that time when I feel like I could take a nap for a minute after eating lunch. Its the feeling that the moment you sit down especially with a full stomach, you could just go to the dreamland. It´s impossible to control otherwise a walk can help. So arriving home from work, no wonder a sight of me suddenly fall asleep when laying on sofa.

Becoming picky eater

That funny thing when I want something that feels like the end of the world if I don’t get it. Okay here is a few examples, we were travelling for a vacation to another city. When I suddenly inside the car to wants a chicken burger from specific burger resto. We passed by a few places but it´s not the one I wanted. Then I saw one which is in opposite side of the highway and my husband said he didnt see it. I started crying (seriously!) inaide the car because I thought he only pretended not to see it. Well, when we arrived in the city, he brought me to that specific restaurant and I feel like I havent eaten for ages.Funny isnt it? 

What about the food I don’t like? Here is one, during the first pregnancy I have really nausea so often that it makes difficult for me to eat anything. I basically feel sick all the time. Then my hubby is in charge of the kitchen most of the time and I hated rice so he cooks something else. He asks me if I want spaghetti, I said YES! Food is ready and served so I went to the kitchen, only to cry and go back to the bedroom because the sauce was tomato sauce. What else could it be? Poor husband had to deal a with crazy wife, but I didn´t know I don’t like that colour.

Crying without any reason

Well, those mentioned above is an example for this too but not only that. Being pregnant can be sometimes getting very emotional, sometimes without a specific reason. Sometimes a normal funny situation can be a sensitive situation for pregnant. It’s weird I know but its the hormone. If there is saying women are difficult to understand, well how much more when they are pregnant? 

Unlimited eating desire

It is challenging when you feel nausea all the time but same time always hungry too. This I experienced for the first two pregnancy. To have difficulties to take something inside during the first trimester but wanting to eat all the time. During my first pregnancy was the worst nausea and we even travelled to Norway at that time. It was planned before we found out we are expecting. My stomach only accepts salted biscuits. When the 2nd trimester comes, that’s the start when I could eat for two or perhaps for three? Though when I was pregnant with the boys, I didn’t have any sort of morning sickness. I am always hungry every 2 hrs.

Changes in the body

I knew that during pregnancy, I will be big but how big I become I didn’t have any expectation until I am there. At least I felt I became very big even my weight doesn’t tell me that. Some people ask, am I having twins? The good thing is, those weight gain will disappear after giving birth. Not right away but it will come. Breastfeeding also helps coming back to pre-pregnancy weight. I wish I could have known also earlier during my first pregnancy that it is possible to avoid stretch marks but who cares. I had stretch marks and in exchange a beautiful healthy child. My body changed during pregnancy but in a positive way. I become a mother!

Where are my toes?

When I am in my last trimester and I stand up and look down, I can say goodbye toes and see you after I gave birth. That’s true, there is no view of everything below my belly when I am standing. This is when teamwork applies. I need help with cutting my nails, putting my socks on and putting my shoes. Imagine during winter time, putting the winter shoes on, I really have extra hands. Otherwise, it’s impossible to do those alone. during my third and fourth pregnancy, I even got a nail polish done by my daughters. Wasn´t it sweet of them?

Its playtime when I am resting

I usually talk with my baby from the pregnancy stage. I may sound funny but that’s true, I talk with them. they can hear us anyway and will recognize our voice when they are out. The thing is, I usually talk with them when they don’t want me to sleep because the moment I lay down, then the baby is playing football inside there. Usually kicking me in the left or right side whenever I am in that position.

What appointment are you talking about?

I always forgot at least one appointment during my pregnancy. I even had once a reminder on my phone which I forgot to put the alarm. it was a maternity check up and I remember it only when I received a call from maternity clinic, luckily they had available time for me same day. This is due o the hormone level changes that affect pregnant woman’s brain to be more forgetful. So don’t wonder why.

Are you a mother and had you experience the same? Being pregnant is full of joy but a lot of changes to a woman’s body. The mood swings are so strong, that we can be very sensitive but all the experience are worth to experience. Motherhood is so amazing and beautiful!

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