Want to learn Finnish for free?

Want to learn Finnish for free?

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Do you want to learn Finnish for free? Are you planning to visit or stay in Finland? Or probably you are already here and wondering how to learn Finnish easily?

This post is for you if you want to learn Finnish for free. You can also later on decide if you want to continue your knowledge and enrol to a paid course.

What is Finnish language?

The Finnish language is one of the official languages in Finland other than Swedish. It is the majority spoken language of the country and a minority language in the neighbour country Sweden too.

It is also close to Estonian and Hungarian language.

Do people in Finland speaks English at all?

The answer is Yes. In fact, they are very good in English. What I noticed with the Finns, they prefer to speak their local language. If you ask them do they speak English, they are very humble and say that they do not know how. Reality is, they do and they are excellent in English.

However, most of the older generations don’t use English at all so it is difficult for them to speak it, even let’s say they know it. Nowadays though, many companies use English as the official working language.

Reasons to learn Finnish?

If Finns know English, why to learn Finnish? There are many reasons. If you are going to stay in Finland for more than a month, it is worth to know the language. It will be easier for you to know the culture. You can go around and talk to locals and interact in a conversation. Learning a new language is an advantage to oneself.

Is Finnish an easy or difficult language?

Studying a new language is always different and challenging. I know people who says Finnish is one of the most difficult language to learn while some learns or speak language in just few months and can engage in a very good conversation already.

In every new language is a challenge to learn, however, if you are motivated and you take time to focus on learning, there is no problem at all. I learned to communicate in Finnish in just a year of studying in Finland. In that time, I only had the first 3 months of once a week lesson in my degree. You can read my post about How did I learn to speak Finnish.

I experienced the struggle to learn, but I was very determined to know the language.

You can learn Finnish for free

I am happy to say that I had the chance to know and be able to enrol in a Finnish course for free. I can say that this course is worth enrolling!

Your instructor is Varpu of Her Finland, a Finnish entrepreneur and an MSc degree holder. She came from a family of teachers and know how to speak 6 languages!

I know there are plenty of free online resources out there but I tell you, Varpu is a really great language teacher.

Her totally free course Spark your Finnish will help you know that Finnish is not that difficult to learn. You can learn to speak Finnish in less than 30 minutes! How fun is that?

Before you enrol in the course, you can read many of the testimonials of her students and you will know how great the course is. By the way, she has thousands of students who take the course.

Do you want to continue for a paid course?

Now its -25% discount offer for you!

If you want to know more after taking the Spark your Finnish free course, there is a paid course suitable for your need. What is best to learn the language is to focus on the spoken Finnish part, that is why it is called Conversational Finnish for Beginners. Good news is that, the instructor will give you 25% discount if you enrol using my link.

This course will help you a lot as if just talking to a Finnish friend. Varpu makes the Finnish language course easy for all her students.

What´s included in the course?

  • 35+ Video lessons, spoken Finnish hacks
  • 25 pages workbook full of exercise
  • Checklist for you and many other
  • You can have also free bonuses included like personal WhatsApp support and Essential Finnish Phrases for Travellers which cost separately if you are not a student of the course.

What is best of this online course is that you can start whenever you want. Once you are enrolled, you get instant access and you take it when suitable for you and finish whenever you want.

As the course mentioned bonus, you are given a WhatsApp support where you can personally message Varpu and help you with your language journey. This course doesn’t just focus on the textbooks but focus on getting you to speak spoken Finnish so it is great to have a real conversation too.

You don’t even need to be in Finland to be able to enrol in the course. You can enrol in this paid course 25% discount Conversational Finnish for Beginners wherever you are.

As one of the bonuses of this course mentioned is the Essential Finnish Phrases for Travellers that contains 150 key phrases and words for your Finland coming visit. It also includes quick cheatsheet for all situations.

This course works perfectly in the mobile device and you can access it any time as long as you are connected to the internet. If you also want it hard copy, there is a printable version where you can easily print it.

This paid course is a very great deal but if you are not happy with the course, you have 30 days after you had the purchase. You can message Varpu and you can get a full refund.

If you are not yet ready for the paid course, you can always remember to have the free course Spark your Finnish. You can learn Finnish for free easily but remember to be very active and use what you learn from the course in communicating.

Are you looking for places to visit in Finland? I have a post about our Finland travel that might interest you.

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  1. Maria Roses

    Yes, how do I start? could you call or message me to my messenger?



    1. simplyfinnoymom

      I will contact you today.

  2. Junabee Librando

    Hi, i want to learn Finnish Language. I’m also living here in Finland already 2years. I hoping that you will be reply me.

    Thank you,

    Best regards,
    Junabee Librando

    1. simplyfinnoymom

      Hello! Sorry for a very late reply. Great to know that you are interested to learn the language. Yes, check the links, there is the free course as well as the paid course. Both courses are online and you can have access anytime you like based on your schedule once you are enrolled.

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