Kuortane Kirkkoranta Lake

Kuortane Kirkkoranta Lake

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Kuortane Kirkkoranta is a lake beach in Kuortante located in South Ostrobothnia region. A perfect place to relax and have a picnic in this warm extraordinary June summer weather.

We had been in Kuortane Kirkkoranta lake beach many times but I enjoyed the most this time we visited with the whole family.

Yesterday was a record breaking temperature for the month of June in Finnish summer as we break the 33 degrees Celsius. Our family love going to the beach and swim and what´s more refreshing than that if it is too warm weather.

My daughter had her first overnight stay in a friends place for her friends birthday and when we pick her up, we decided to go straight to Kuortane for a swim.

When we arrived, we noticed right away that the parking place beside the church was almost full. Of course, we are in this situation when the current pandemic is still not over, but in Finland, it is almost gone. However, we tried to avoid crowded places before.

That was surprising to have this many of people at this time of the day. Too late to go back, I know kids will be disappointed so we anyway just go with the plan. There were so much people and mostly with small kids. It is anyway outdoor activity. There are not so many cases in Southern Ostrobothnia for this whole period of time, so can that be counted as we are in the safe side?

I hope so, but we went there to enjoy.

The Kirkkoranta Lake Beach

This is a long white sand beach. The sand was so hot, I would say it was burning hot. I couldn’t normally walk on it so I run or use my slippers in between the water and our picnic mat. I couldn’t remember there has been this kind of warm sand anywhere we visited before when we go to the beach here in Finland. This just shows we have very warm weather this time.

The water is really comfortable for families with small kids. It is very shallow and only far away from where it starts to be deep. It is safe for kids.

Swing for kids

There is place where you can play beach volleyball to play. There is a nice swing for the younger kids too.

Though it is not very much interesting during the time we are swimming because the water is the most important place to be during the visit. Only when we are about to go home, our younger kids swing for a while.

Shelter to use

There are plenty of trees around that can be used for hiding from the sun. Where we by the way use instead of just be in the open area.

However, there is one shed there where everyone can use if the heat is too much. It is a very big shed with a long sitting place and a big table in the center.

Summer Cafe

One best thing in this place is the summer café. If you feel like having ice cream, coffee break then there is a café available. There is also in the building the toilet and shower place.

Kirkkovene or Church boat

On the way to the beach between the parking place and the cemetery, there is also the old kirkkovene. Kirkkovene or church boat are used before to transport people from the other side of the lake to the church sometimes in the 1800s?

Kuortane Kirkkovene Kirkkoranta
Kuortane Kirkkorannan Kirkkovene

Though it was so crowded, just proves that this beach is popular in this region, we truly enjoy our picnic. The water was so refreshing and cool. My kids almost doesn´t want to go home yet when we said we need to go home already. It was so nice.

Have you been in this Kuortane Kirkkoranta lake beach already? If you havent yet and planning to go for a picnic beside the beach, try this place 🙂

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Below is my instagram picture about the Kuortane Kirkkoranta beach.

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