Kauhava Halloween event for a cause

Kauhava Halloween event for a cause

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Kauhava Halloween event is a big event celebration every year. The darkness and the cold breeze makes the whole event even more popular. Kids and families are everywhere.

I have honestly been introduced to this Halloween event here in Kauhava unexpectedly. Few years back then, our neighbour who works as a home daycare (perhepäivähoitaja) told us if we are going to the Halloween event. I was like, “there is that here?” She said, yes and if I want, I can check that out.

I did and I was surprised how big event this is in Kauhava. I have never seen much people and families outside during these times. As always is, the first place we go if there is an event like this is the market centre or the tori. There were many entrepreneur gathering there and some show for everyone. This year though, we went to tori last, not sure if there is something else than the entrepreneurs.

I have never seen how much effort the kids put into this, from the makeup, costume and all.I once thought, am I really in Finland? This is common thing in my country but never know its big thing here too.

I remember once, we were walking in one small bridge behind the bushes and there was a kid who walks towards us with scary, really realistic makeup and wearing the costume. Perfect halloween!

We also went then to watch a musical show in Y-Kino way back as they have arranged a show for families.

Shops are open and offering candies to all the kids who go for a trick or treat. I guess, that is the main thing kids are excited about – the candies! 🙂

This year is different! This Halloween, I was in a hurry to pick up the boys from day-care after work but I have a little time to check the place where one of the main events is going to take place.

The Nuorisoseuran talo or Youth Associations House

I went there to look around but I got amazed how it looks so nice without the people yet. As when we go there with the kids, my focus only goes to them and what they are doing. Differently now being there first without them yet.

Velhokahvila Kauhava Halloween

I asked permission if I can take a picture as I can probably write about this event in my blog. It was okay for them and while I was taking picture, I was approached by Berit Perälä, the secretary of the LC Kauhava Ilmatar and introduced me to their President Tuula Koskela. While talking with them I got very interested and got deeper information about this event. How it was arranged, who are behind this event and when did they started organizing it.

My time was running late to pick up my boys, so I had to leave but I managed to get their contacts to got more information. So I contacted Tuula and ask her about their club.

What is LC Kauhava Ilmatar?

Velhokahvila ja lastenrieha is organized and hosted by the LC Kauhava Ilmatar. These Lions club founded in 2003, consist of female members (33 women). They work in different professions and this charity work is just their hobby. Tuula Koskela is a teacher and this year’s Lions Club President. Berit Perälä is their club secretary.

They are part of an international Lions organization that does charity work around the world.

LC Kauhava Ilmatar

How did they start organizing this Kauhava Halloween event?

The first small-scale Halloween event idea in Kauhava together with local entrepreneurs in 2004. The first children’s party was organized in 2005 in Youth Associations house. Sometimes they spent Halloween at Työväentalo, but after a few years, they returned to the Youth Associations House, where there is bigger space.

The number of visitors at the event has been at its best at 700-800 people! That is amazing, right? What is best is, if you will know where the money is going to from this event.

What charity does the club support?

“We donate the proceeds from Halloween to children, youngsters, the disabled, the sick and the needy. Last spring, we donated money to Cancer Children of South Ostrobothnia, 8th-grade youth Reilu Kaveri-stipendi, donated bottle return receipts to low-income families in Kauhava. We have also supported diabetes work by donating money to train a “hypo-koira” hypo dog (that smell the child’s blood sugar levels). We also support the international charity work of our organization; assistance in natural disasters, etc. “, Koskela informed.

What kind of activities there is?

Other than the cafe where you can snack, there are many activities for the kids. Inside there is the Mörkötunneli which I rather translate as the scary tunnel as it was. I dare you not, I scream more than my kids as I was taken by surprise thinking I was in a safe place as it was made for kids, not for adults, but never underestimate the tunnel.

Kauhava Halloween

There is onginta or lucky dip where you get surprise things in return. There is also the puppet show, a little playground for kids. Throw game and get reward, a surprise bag. Family with kids do love it.

What else there is in Kauhava Halloween?

As I mentioned earlier, there are all the shops open for this event. Kids go for a trick or treat so this is the day when kids get their sweet tooth really happy.

Even the bank door is open! Yes, we went inside the POP Pankki and they have the mystery box and you have to guess what’s inside. I tried it too, kind of nervous breaking putting your hand in a tiny hole inside a big black box but that’s the fun with it 🙂

We went to the church to leave our girl, there are their friends as they have the Valojuhla, they have the pump castle and many more fun things to do.

There is a place where you can have a grilled sausage (makkara), which is by the way a traditional food in Finland every time there is outdoor event. Makkara is always present.

Then we went also went the market square, where there are some entrepreneur. There is also the mystery box where kids were screaming while putting their hands on the sticky box.

My daughters though, did their own make up ready when I arrived home with the boys. No special costume, as I am very clear to have the reflector vest.

Kauhavan tori and Vallesmanni

Overall, this event is really great! Kauhava Halloween is not only for a family gathering but for everyone! It is also good to have a good walk around the city centre and enjoy the scene with candles on the walking side.

If you haven’t been in this event and you live nearby the area, you can visit this event next year. You know that your money spent for the event will be used for a good cause.

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