Kalajärvi Resort 5 Reason to Visit

Kalajärvi Resort 5 Reason to Visit

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Are you planning to visit Southern Ostrobothnia? Looking for a place to swim during the summer and perhaps with a restaurant close by? Maybe stay for a night? Don´t forget to include Kalajärvi Resort located in Peraseinäjoki in your list! This is very popular during summer but also open the whole year. I listed here 5 Reasons to visit this place.

You can come here for different purpose and you will surely enjoy it. I have been here many times during summer and still one of the places that I will surely visit repeatedly. This resort or matkailukeskus (tourist centre) has many options to offer. You need to drive for about three km (3) from the centre of Peraseinäjoki before you come to Kalajärvi. By the way, there is a bicycling road from the centre to here so if you have a bicycle with you, it is a great idea to have roaming around the centre on a bicycle and enjoy the countryside view.

If you are visiting with kids of all ages, they will surely love it! They have so many activities and activity area.

1. Kalajärvi Lake & Beach

This Kalajärvi is an artificial lake, but large enough to accommodate different activities like fishing during summer, ice fishing during winter and of course ice skating and skiing.

What my kids like the most about this beach other than the sandy beach is the playground. There are different kinds of entertainment for them to select which equipment they want to play with.

There is also a nice small island where you can go swimming. This is like the boundary of the shallow area for small kids to swim. Then there is the place where possible to jump to the lake. If you feel like going to shower after the swimming in the lake, there is shower room and dressing room in there too.

Kalajarvi Lake
Kalajärvi Lake

2. Water Slide

The best part in swimming here is the water slide where you can buy the ticket straight from the restaurant beside the beach.

Kalajärvi water slide
L- Kalajärvi water slide (before it opens) & R- Outdoor shower

3. Kalajärvi Restaurant

It is more convenient to enjoy your summer fun and not to worry about where to go when hungry strike. Kalajärvi restaurant is just there to gives you the convenient of not getting hungry. There are snacks, pizza, hamburgers and ala carte which have a new menu too that you can try. There are also different kinds of drinks be alcoholic or not. The staffs are also very friendly that you will surely enjoy your visit.

We had been few times swimming there and if kids felt hungry while swimming, we order a take out and eat in the beach but otherwise we dine in.

Kalajärvi Restaurant
Kalajärvi Restaurant /Kalajärvi ravintola

The restaurant has a nice space inside and also a terrace where you can enjoy the lake view.

Kalajärvi restaurant terrace
Kalajärvi restaurant terrace

4. Accomodation place

  • Summer Cottages

Staying for a night or a week is not a problem. Kalajärvi resort offers summer cottages to enjoy the Finnish countrysides peaceful cabin in the woods. There is also one that is just in between the restaurant and the lake. Just remember to book it in advance as this is a very popular place.

  • Caravan site and Camp site

There is this a big caravan site and campsite. Every time we visit there, there is a lot of caravans parked there. There is a very nice playground as well for kids there with a trampoline and some other equipment to entertain the little ones.

It is always a nice site to see caravans parking, it is like a small village with wheels.

Kalajärvi Camp site

5. Nature Trail

There are many more activities that you can do here in Kalajärvi. Bicycling around the lake, or if you do not have a bicycle just go for a walk in nature trail. We went in the nature trail for an hike and we all like the place. There is grilling place with ready woods and also a wc located there.

Kalajarvi Nature Trail Grilling
Kalajärvi Nature trail Grilling place

We had so much fun in here, kids can be freely play and discover the place while we were preparing the grill. We also found a big rock where we decided to climb and take a picture.

Kalajärvi Nature trail
Kalajärvi Nature trail

Over all, this place is just amazing! That is why we, this is always in our list during our summer family travel. We will surely be visiting this place again before this summer ends and probably during other season too.

If you want to see more of our travel stories and tips, you can find it in our Family travel.

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