How I was featured in Ilta-Sanomat

How I was featured in Ilta-Sanomat

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Too good to be true but I was featured in Finlands second largest news paper in the country Ilta-Sanomat. How did it happen?

I was featured in Ilta-Sanomat! As many of my friends and relatives know, I have been blogging for under a year now as my hobby which I started when I was in my parental leave for my youngest. That time, I was alone with the kids during weekdays because husband works away.

He was assigned to work in Lapland for a year but he drives about 7-8 hours one way during weekend to be with us. It was challenging but I was happy we experienced it and we are also able to visit Lapland during holiday season.

Fast forward to this time after few months, I am back to my working life. My husband is also working close by, two toddlers boys that keep us very busy and active school age girls.

How I was featured in Ilta-Sanomat?

It was one day when I was checking my email when I saw an email from the journalist. I first thought it was a spam before I opened it and about to ignore but I anyway decided to read it. To my surprise, it was a real interview possibilities as the journalist had found my blog.

I got excited and answered positively!

What is the article all about?

It is all about me, my family and life in Finland.

Some may find this interesting but I traveled to Finland alone, without any phone (I will have new one when I arrived) instead and instructions on the paper where and what to do. It was my very first international flight so I was too scared and excited at same time.

I do not know what to expect here!

One topic is why did I moved to Finland? This is the most common question I received from anyone I met first time. I moved here because of studies 14 years ago because of my dads sister and her husband. To them I am forever grateful! I graduated as Engineer, and also met my husband during my study year.

I am a mother of four and I talked about how amazing being a parent in Finland and how the government support families to spend more time with small kids. Why I say this? Read my blog about the guide if you are expat parent or pregnant in Finland.

What else is there?

Talked about the language difficulties as this is not an English speaking country. I am happy, I learned it. You would like to read How did I learn to speak Finnish?

Then the time difference,sleeping when its still very lights outside (sun is up even it was already August) and opposite during winter. Sun shows up very short then its also very cold. However, I learned that there is no bad weather but a bad clothing. My family shows me how to enjoy the weather, whatever that might be, just put on proper clothes. There are lot of winter activities during winter even with small kids.

I also talked about the cultural difference and how I found out that Finns are not a small talker kind of people which I get used to. Then the Finnish SAUNA!

These are among those mentioned in the article which you can actually read from the link below! I am so happy and excited about this article.

To know more, here is the Ilta-Sanomat article about me in Finnish language. Enjoy reading!

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