Filipino cuisine: Adobo & Sinigang

Filipino cuisine: Adobo & Sinigang

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Recently we had been on our winter holiday for two weeks and we rented an apartment with kitchen where we stayed. It is a must to have a kitchen when travelling with kids for longer than two days. Not only it is cheaper to cook own food but it is also healthier. I must admit that during the holiday we cooked more Finnish foods than Filipinos, because I have limited ingredients with me ( I could have brought those all with me too, why not? seriously if I could, I really did but anyway as long as there is rice I can live :-). Well, only Filipinos know what I mean by that – RICE is life so we say.

I did miss eating Filipino food, so I asked my husband when he went to grocery store during weekend to buy me the pork meat I needed. Yes, he knows what I wanted when I said about what kind of meat he must buy from there. It is not the normal filet pork because I thought of making sinigang and adobo, these two are my comfort food. One reason why I cooked these two at the same time is that, not all my kids like both. Others like the sinigang or the sour soup while others like more the adobo.

ingredients for sinigang & adobo

Cooking this adobo has more ingredients than the sinigang because basically, the sinigang has the ready mix that makes the soup sour which in this recipe from tamarind. Thanks to my relatives who sent and brought it from the Philippines.

600g pork
1 pack sinigang mix
1 tsp black pepper
green string beans
chinese cabbage
4 cherry tomatoes
1 medium onion

4 pcs potato
1 medium onions
1/2 dl soy sauce
1 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp vinegar
bay leaves

Slice the pork meat in the desired size, I liked it really small so its easier for the kids. I separated the part where there are the bones which i will use for the soup. The rest of the pork meat I marinated with soy sauce and pepper and set aside for a while. Note, I dont mix the vinegar yet at this stage. Usually, it´s better to marinate 30-60 min but I didn´t have that enough time to do it. So I start cooking sinigang by combining meat and water, let it boil and remove those brownish foam that will come while boiling. Then add onion and cherry tomatoes. Cover and simmer until the meat is almost tender then add the sinigang mix.

while simmering the meat for sinigang

In this stage, I started my pork adobo cooking. Heat oil and add onions first before the garlic.

onion and garlic

Add the marinated pork and cook until meat turns colour brown.

adding pork
datu puti vinegar

Both the soy sauce and the vinegar are bought from the Asian shop. These two brands are very popular in the Philippines, note that I don’t advertise the said products but those are what I have at home.

Then add the vinegar but do not stir for about 5 minutes. Add the bay leaves and water depending on how much you like it, in this stage also I add more soy sauce if I want but not always. Cover and lower the heat, simmer for about half an hour until meat is almost soft.

add vinegar, bay leaves and water

Add the potatoes and cover again until potatoes become soft.

add potatoes

In this stage, I checked the sinigang and the pork are already soft so I add the vegetables and cook for another 3-5 minutes.

add veges

Almost done, just need to wait for the potato to be cooked. Stir it so that the sauce of adobo will be mixed properly to potatoes. Remember to cook the rice too!

pork adobo with potato
pork sinigang

Finally, two meals are cooked and you can enjoy the warm sour soup sinigang best for the cold weather while having your steamed rice with adobo.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, my kids are divided among these dishes. One can be very happy with the sinigang and the others are adobo lover. I am happy that even I live far from my home country, I can introduce to them our own cuisines. That´s all for today, thank you for reading my post again.

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  1. Noemi Maukonen

    Wow ang galing mo mers. Masipag na mommy at masarap mag luto 😍

    1. simplyfinnoymom

      Thanks te! Trying lang magmultitasking in many ways 🙂

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