Family Travel: Salla In the middle of Nowhere

Family Travel: Salla In the middle of Nowhere

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Salla is a municipality in Finland bordering Russia. There were even signs of the shops in the Russian language. It is famous for its different tourist destination for the whole year. This winter holiday, we decided to go and visit Salla. Our main destination is the Salla Reindeer Park or Sallan Poropuisto. They have so many activities for the whole family but because we have an infant with us, we don´t want to go extreme so we decided to only go for the reindeer feeding program.

Sallan Poropuisto or Salla Reindeer park entrance

We were the last ones to arrive to complete the group. We are going to ride on the sleigh pulled by the snowmobile going to the reindeer place or corral. There were two snowmobiles where one of it we were riding on. We had the reindeer fur blanket to keep us warm, it was only about minus 8 degrees Celcius but due to the speed of the snowmobile and open area, it felt more than that. So it was good to have the blanket and be able to warm up. On our way there, we were enjoying the view in the forest. The trees and the calmness of the forest are so relaxing.

Salla Sleigh pulled by Snowmobile

When we arrived at the reindeer corral, we have given branches probably a birch, where there were the leaves and instructed how we should give those to reindeer and off we go! My kids just disappear from my sight, they are already so busy and have their own reindeer to feed. My little three years old son was so much laughing and enjoying the actions of the reindeer. I have some clip of that in the video of the trip below this blog.

feeding white reindeer
kids feeding the reindeer
kids found own spot feeding reindeer

The guide was very approachable and very open in answering questions too. In fact, I had taken a picture of his “Lapland traditional winter boots” made of reindeer leather. Imagine how cold Lapland can be? It can be as cold as minus 30 or even minus 40 and that shoes can survive the cold! Amazing isn´t it?

group picture in salla reindeer park
Lapland traditional boots made of reindeer leather

Then when we are done with our activity and all are satisfied, time to go back to the main area. We pass by a group of husky resting just beside the main building. That we will someday try to have the experience too when our kids are big enough.

husky at reindeer park

After the Reindeer Park, we went to Salla Ski Resort or Sallatunturi. It was not in our plan to ski because we know that our little kids are tired already from the first destination. The place was really nice though, there is a place for cross country skiing, snowboarding, alpine skiing and the sledging/sledding. When we saw the sledding place, we then went there. It was so much fun and really high hills, the whole family experience the screaming due to the adrenaline going down so fast! It was so much fun! Though I was mostly with the youngest and capturing the moment, I did try to sled a few time.

Salla Skii Resort
Ski resorts- cross country trail

Going back we saw the SnowLounge, we only checked what is inside. It was possible to also stay overnight in there but not for us yet this time, probably when kids are big enough.

Salla SnowLounge

We will surely go back to Salla! There is one thing I want to experience there, hopefully, next time there is much snow when we come back. We want to explore the wilderness using the snowmobile safari and probably wait for the Northern Lights on the woods, don´t worry they organize that trip with a guide. Sounds like a plan isn´t it?

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