What is Simply Finnoy Mom?

Simply Finnoy Mom is a lifestyle blog about the life of an expat mom, motherhood and parenting, life in Finland, quick recipes and family travel with small kids.

So what is this site all about?

  • Motherhood and parenting stories and tips
  • Living as an expat is not an easy journey, learning the culture of the country is very important. If you´re an expat mom or parents in Finland and looking for information about life here with small kids, this site is for you.
  • Easy and quick recipes in Finnish or Asian cuisine.
  • Family travel with small kids from new born, toddler and school – age kids
  • Finland travel tips

About the Me

I am Mercy, the owner and writer in Simply Finnoy Mom. I became an expat when I came to Finland as a student and became an engineer. I am a working mom, a wife and a mother to four beautiful children, two sons and two daughters.

Story behind the blog

The name Finnoy originates from (Finnish-‘Filipino or Pinoy‘)].

During my younger years, I like to write my thoughts and anything that happened to me in a diary form but I do not want anyone see or read those, so I always get rid of my writings after a while. I like to write though I am not a writer. I thought of creating a blog about my life in Finland which I never did because of a busy schedule in school and work.

After becoming a mother, I become passionate about photography. As a mother, time flies unnoticeably fast and my writing hobby get less and less but I make sure to capture every moment with my camera or phone.

Then we became a family of six. During my maternity leave for my youngest, I thought of pursuing my blog which I planned many years back. Having to go through the same stages of children for the fourth time, I thought why not I write about my experiences to help new moms too.

We love to explore and travel around Finland too and we started going international now that youngest is getting bigger. Travelling with small children is always a challenge depending on their age and interests. I want to help families with small kids to know Finland destinations in English. Our interests in cooking also include the idea of writing about our multicultural cuisine which can be prepared in a short time.

Part of this blog will also be written in Filipino later on.

So this blog is made for you! Yes, for you my dear reader!

Collaborate with me

At present, this blog is not sponsored of any kind. My articles are written based on my experiences and I feauture cities or places too where we visit.

I am open for possible collaboration. You can also contact me at mercy@simplyfinnoymom.com.