5 Important Changes to My 10 months old
5 changes to 10 months old baby

5 Important Changes to My 10 months old

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Seems just yesterday when I gave birth to my youngest but he is now two months away to be a year old. That´s right, time flies so fast! Luckily here in Finland, I can still stay at home at least for a few more months. So how is it having a 10 months old infant in the house?

In this blog, I talk about my 10 months old baby developments and what he likes doing now.

  1. Balance Standing
    He likes to stand up often now while holding to something and walking sidewards. A few seconds of not holding to anywhere like practising to stand up on his own can be noticed
  2. Likes to put papers into pieces 
    Once he holds onto a piece of a paper, be whatever paper it is, it is only a matter of seconds and that will be all over the place turned to be hundreds of small piece. His favourite is actually the advertisement papers that comes to our mailbox every other day. He also likes the sound of it that he sometimes laugh while making his “play”. So I make sure I keep him away from papers, well I sometimes I let him and then clean it right away before he starts eating it.
  3. Few Spoken Words
    I noticed that there are few words now clearly spoken. This is good, especially we are bilingual family. I just keep on talking to the baby and try to notice more familiar sounding words that eventually will be real words. I actually noticed how happy he is when he realized that his mommy understands what he tries to tell me.
  4. Everything goes to the mouth
    When I said everything, I mean everything! House needs to be clean or else, all extra dirt/dust/whatever on the floor will be on baby’s mouth. I have older kids so it is good I already hide toys that are not allowed for under 3 years old to avoid choking.
  5. Finger food eating
    If you haven’t tried introducing your baby to finger food yet, now is the right time. He likes being on the same table with the rest of the family and what is more fun than to give the same food (except not spices yet). I don´t put salt to baby´s food under 1 year old also I try to be careful not to give something that can easily choke to him. Slice food just as small as the green peas are the right size.

This is a great milestone for the infant. Attention needs to be more to them, they can just fall or eat anything without us watching so we need to be very aware where and what they are doing. I will admit, there are a few times that I was like a “detective kind of dentist” opening an infant mouth to check what is inside. Do you know what I mean? They are very quick in putting things to their mouth but we as the mother needs to be more alert.

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